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Fund & Scholarship Policies & Proceedures

The Community Foundation of Carroll County, Inc. (CFCC) is a public charity consisting of a permanent collection of funds supported by the general public and serving Carroll County. We are politically independent and nonsectarian. The CFCC serves the entire community by raising, managing, and distributing funds for the ever-changing charitable needs of Carroll County, Maryland. By making effective grants and offering leadership and support, the CFCC will enable local citizens to generate solutions to Carroll County needs.


The CFCC will make grants to not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organizations in Carroll County, Maryland and like organizations that have a substantial presence in and that serve this Community in the areas of education, recreation, the arts, health, social, and medical services and historic preservation that also promote the mission and goals of the Community Foundation of Carroll County, Inc.

Community Needs

The CFCC seeks to identify high priority needs and opportunities where a relatively modest amount of grant money can make a significant difference in our community. These grants will provide start up or short term funding for innovative and potentially replicable projects that meet new or emerging needs or demonstrate new and creative solutions for old ones. The CFCC also encourages projects that will strengthen the organizational and financial operations of agencies and thus will build their capacity to continue to provide critically needed services in Carroll County, Maryland.

Application Evaluation

  • When evaluating applications careful consideration is given to the following:
  • The potential impact of the request and the number of people who will benefit;
  • The degree to which the applicant works with or complements the services of other organizations;
  • The commitment and composition of the organization’s Board of Directors;
  • The extent of volunteer involvement and support for the project;
  • The organization’s fiscal responsibility and management qualifications;
  • The possibility of the use of its grant as seed money for matching funds from other sources;
  • The ability of the organization to obtain additional funding to implement the project; and
  • The assurance from the organization of their ability to provide on going funding.

Excellence In Education

The Community Foundation of Carroll County, Inc. (CFCC) supports projects, which address an important educational need and that, may be leveraged into partnerships with other education, business, or community groups.

Community Needs & Excellence In Education Applications

Applications for Excellence In Education and Community Needs Grants may be made at any time by submitting a Community Foundation Application request which recites:

  • The name of the organization;
  • Proof of 501(c)(3) status;
  • Program description and name of staff person in charge;
  • Request for funds and description of the need;
  • Other funding sources and partners, and;
  • Time line for the project.

The Community Foundation of Carroll County, Inc. (CFCC) may request more information in a particular situation. The CFCC may request a site visit in any situation.

All grant requests will be acknowledged.

The Community Foundation of Carroll County, Inc. (CFCC) can make Grants at any time. Most are made in the Spring and Fall.

Organizations making Grant requests should clearly state the timing of their need.

The CFCC Grants Committee reviews requests. Its recommendations are presented to the Community Foundation of Carroll County Board of Directors for final approval.

All agency requests, successful and unsuccessful will be informed in writing of the Board of Directors decisions.

Agencies receiving Grants are required to provide documentation within six months of receiving a Grant from the CFCC, that the Grant Funds were used for the purpose intended or the Agency may provide a progress report with an estimated date of completion. Failure to comply will disqualify an Agency from receiving future Grants from the Community Foundation of Carroll County, Inc.

Education Scholarships

The CFCC has over one million dollars in Scholarships available to graduating students in Carroll County. Criteria and applications are provided to each high school in Carroll County and where appropriate to private and home-schooled students.

Scholarship Applications

  • Applications for scholarships held by the CFCC are published each January and are available at all Carroll County High Schools. Home-schooled and privately schooled students may call the CFCC office at 410-876-5505 for information.
  • Due dates for applications vary and are clearly defined in the application.
  • Various Scholarship committees review applications and make recommendations to the CFCC Board of Directors who make the final decisions.
  • Students receiving multiple year scholarships are required to provide academic transcripts at the end of each school year before checks for the coming school year will be issued.

Ineligible Grants

The Community Foundation of Carroll County, Inc. does not make grants for:

  • Operational deficits;
  • Fundraisers unrelated to a CFCC Fund or project;
  • Debt retirement;
  • Lobbying programs;
  • Sectarian religious programs;
  • Individuals

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